Trials (State and Federal)

Brian Steel and Colette Resnik Steel are both experienced trial attorneys who have successfully defended clients and achieved acquittals/not guilty verdicts in numerous cases in state and federal courts. Each case that proceeds toward trial is prepared by the defense team assembled in a painstakingly thorough and detailed manner. The monumental effort devoted to trial preparation is integral to the successes achieved by The Steel Law Firm.

The Steel Law Firm is proud of its courtroom accomplishments which have resulted in acquittals, but the lawyers also take pride in the fact that in countless cases, as a direct result of their high quality representation, charges against clients have been dismissed or not pursued by the State and Federal government because of diligent pretrial investigative work and/or zealous litigation of pretrial motions.

Appeals (State and Federal)

Brian Steel is Georgia’s most successful criminal appellate attorney, with over 140 published opinions and approximately 30 reversals to his credit. Mr. Steel handles direct appeals of all criminal convictions to either the Georgia Supreme Court or Georgia Court of Appeals and federal and other state appellate courts. Mr. Steel’s post-conviction representation involves litigating Motions for New Trial and appealing to the appropriate appellate court, if necessary. Mr. Steel’s comprehensive knowledge of criminal law and evidence and its subtleties, combined with his keen insight into issues which trigger reversible error are complemented by the well-prepared briefs that he submits in each case.

Civil Litigation: Plaintiff's Personal Injury and Wrongful Death; Defense of Civil Law Suits

The Steel Law Firm represents individuals who are engaged in civil disputes as well as those who seek compensation for damages and personal injuries in civil cases. Our civil case clients are ideally represented by counsel who boast substantial and varied courtroom experience. Frequently, clients with current or prior criminal cases who have been represented by Brian Steel or Colette Resnik Steel, look to us to again be the guardian of their rights and interests. Because The Steel Law Firm maintains a relatively small volume of cases, each client and case gets individualized and thorough attention and care.

Professional Licensure Defense

Allegations of misconduct or formal disciplinary proceedings initiated by a professional licensing board can be a paralyzing distraction to a professional. Both Colette Resnik Steel and Brian Steel represent lawyers and doctors who have disciplinary proceedings lodged against them. Due to the confidentiality of these proceedings, specific case details are not be provided.