The Steel Law Firm, P.C. is a criminal defense and civil litigation law firm which provides its clients with the highest quality legal representation available. Armed with 40 years combined criminal defense and litigation experience, Brian Steel and Colette Resnik Steel attack each case with unparalleled effort and energy. The Steel Law Firm is proudly committed to professional and zealous representation of its clients in federal and state courts across the country.

Because each case is unique and presents a set of complicated, challenging and evolving issues to be addressed, The Steel Law Firm thoroughly investigates and assesses every aspect of every case and proceeds with an aggressive and comprehensive defense. Clients of The Steel Law Firm, P.C. benefit from the team approach utilized by Brian Steel and Colette Resnik Steel, who frequently combine their efforts and skills in the joint defense of a client, and utilize the resources of experts across the nation to build the strongest case for their clients. Whether independently handling a matter or doing so as team, Brian Steel and Colette Resnik Steel provide their clients with superior legal services.

The Steel Law Firm is committed to successfully defending its clients who face criminal charges or who are engaged in civil disputes, in the most ethical and zealous manner available. With an exceptional and thorough command of the law and vast experience in the courtroom, we strive for and obtain unmatched results.